People 58

Organizations 9

Name Mission Zone
Algosphere Agency Pay Algosphere's operational costs. World
Droit au Corps Bring an end to all forms of human sexual mutilation. Francophony
Organisation for the Prevention of Intense Suffering Developing new ways of effectively addressing the intense suffering of sentient beings. World
Vegan Option Canada To secure access to vegan options in all of Canada. Canada
Sentience Research Develop, disseminate and promote research on sentience aimed at a better world. World
Foreskin Revolution End circumcision in Australia by 2030, then move focus to Indonesia and the USA. Australia
Animal Rebellion Turtle Island To transition away from animal farming and industrial fishing to a plant based food system, halt mass extinction and minimize the risk of climate breakdown and social collapse. Turtle Island
United in Heart Solve climate change through coordinated action on food, trees, and communication. World
Plant Based Transition Coalition To efficiently and sustainably organize food system reform in Canada for the benefit of all people, all species, the economy, and the planet. World