The alleviation of suffering in the world is the Algosphere Alliance’s ethical priority.

Members' statutes:

  • The status of invitee allows anyone to participate in the Alliance’s internal discussions. This status gives them the right to make proposals and discuss, but not to make decisions.

  • Any individual can join the Alliance, the sole condition being that they consider the alleviation of suffering in the world to be an ethical priority. The status of “ally” gives them the right to make proposals, to discuss and to contribute to decision-making. It is the intention to offer a personalized initiation to each new ally.

  • An organization can join, the sole condition being that it considers the alleviation of suffering in the world to be its ethical priority. This status does not give it the right to make decisions.

Decisions within the Alliance are made through the consent of the allies. A proposal is adopted if it meets no objection. An objection is discussed until it is removed by the objector or until all agree to the objection, in which case the initial proposal must be modified or abandoned.

In order to avoid any risk of decision-making paralysis within the Alliance, if an ally considers an objection that was unable to be removed through debate to be contrary to the interest of the Alliance, they can demand that the proposal against which the objection was raised be submitted to a simple majority vote of the participants or, for constitutional decisions, to a vote requiring a 2/3 majority.

The Alliance’s operational principle is radical transparency.

The Alliance’s Communication Committee is responsible for the administration of the Alliance’s information system, including its Internet sites. As such, it has the mandate to decide on the presentation of information validated by the Alliance without requiring its prior accord: the Alliance can demand modifications a posteriori. This committee liaises with the Algosphere Agency, which is legally responsible for the Alliance’s website

The Alliance’s webmaster is responsible for organizing communications about proposals made by the allies, objections, discussions and the formal validation process (information about the proposal, translation into the languages used within the Alliance, objection period, final decision).