Fundamental positions

Fundamental rights
Validation of knowledge

Fundamental rights

The Alliance wishes for an evolution of fundamental rights, inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, to explicitly take “suffering” into account, with the goal of making the alleviation of suffering the ethical priority of the international community.

Validation of knowledge

The Alliance supports democratic, public institutions that validate knowledge.

These institutions have the mission to establish the collective degree of validity of information: data, proposals, arguments, hypotheses, theories, etc.

– Ignorance can be a major source of suffering for various reasons;
– An individual is not always capable on their own to establish the value of information, and public institutions are necessary to assist them;
– Discussion among individuals is only possible if there is a consensus on the relative value of arguments;
– Collective decision-making through discussion creates less suffering than decisions not based on argumentation, taken for example through force;
– Institutions that validate knowledge are more credible if public and democratic, as each member of the community will have confidence in them.